Accelerate bioinformatic analysis

BioQueue is a free, lightweight and easy-to-use queue system to accelerate the proceeding of bioinformatic workflows. Based on machine learning methods, BioQueue can maximize the efficiency, and at the same time, it also reduces the possibility of errors caused by unsupervised concurrency (like memory overflow). BioQueue can both run on POSIX compatible systems (Linux, Solaris, OS X, etc.) and Windows.

Why BioQueue Can Accelerate?

Limited by the design of a software or the system resources, many currently available tools cannot fully use the system resources allotted to them or may not achieve an ideal efficiency and can even generate errors (such as memory overflow) when running multiple jobs simultaneously.

BioQueue estimates the resources needed by each job and implements a greedy algorithm to dispatch them to make sure the maximized efficiency.

*More detailed description can be found in our publication about the benchmark result.

Important Features

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